The Shabbat Project 2015 International Report

The Shabbat Project 2015 International Report Last year’s inaugural international Shabbat Project saw Jewish communities in 465 cities and 65 countries taking part. Prior to this year’s event, the tally was at more than 550 cities (and at some point the counting stopped). A final audit now confirms that in 2015 the Shabbat Project reached […]

Experience It

The spirit of the Shabbos Project CLE is best captured in the words and images of our own community. Thank you to Steve Hacker Films for donating the time and energy to make this wonderful piece possible!

The Shabbos Project CLE on CBS Radio

Dave Ramos talks with Alex Fleksher about the meaning and importance of the global project. Give a listen.    

The Disconnected Connection

The Disconnected Connection By Moshe Ornstein “But Dr. Moshe, it must be so boring to go a whole 25 hours without driving, using your phone, or responding to email! Don’t you feel so disconnected?” In my world – as a doctor who treats cancer patients – this concept is unfathomable. My patients’ records are on […]

Why Do I Observe Shabbat?

Why Do I Observe Shabbat? By Daniella Robicsek Botnick My good friend Alex Fleksher asked me to write an article that attempts to answer that question.  I find the question difficult. While I could give many intellectually compelling reasons why I observe Shabbos, I honestly don’t think about Shabbos that way, and I don’t think […]

Making Challah

Making Challah By Yiskah Fantl The mitzvah of challah is actually the separation of a smaller piece of dough from the dough. God spoke to Moshe saying, “And it will be when you eat of the bread of the land, you should bring an offering to G-d. The first of your kneading bowl you shall […]